Origin of Physiotherapy


1813,  Per Henrik Ling, “Father of Swedish Gymnastics” established
         “Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics (RCIG) for massage, manipulation, and exercise”
          He is also named  "Sjukgymnast" in swedish, which means "Sick Gymnast"
1887,  physiotherapists (physical therapists) were given official registration by Sweden’s National Board of Health and 
          Welfare. This was first official recognition of the profession.
1894,  Four nurses formed Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in United Kingdom, later on it was recognised as the official
          society and chartered body for physiotherapists across the Europe and UK. This is often named "CSP".
1906,  A group of massage therapists from various parts of Australia gathered and decided to form a chartered society and
          official council for them to protect the public from untrained therapists. This was then named "APA" and is now the
          single official recognising body for physiotherapists across whole Australia.
1913,   First School of Physiotherapy was formed in Otago University in New Zealand.
1914,   First School of Physiotherapy was formed in Otago University in United States.
1914,  Reed college Portland, Oregan offered first graduation in Physiotherapy.
          Initially it was named "Certificate for Rehab Aidees", later was named "Diploma in Physiotherapy".
1921,  President of USA Mary McMillan organised first State registered chartered society for physiotherapists in US. This was
          later named APTA.
1921,  First research paper was published in US relating to the effectiveness of Physiotherapy.